Thursday, February 10, 2011

Eating healthy on the road.

As a business traveler, eating healthy on the road is my biggest challenge.  I learned early this year, that when I manage my travel (schedule, food, etc) I have success.  When I'm at conferences or meetings where I don't manage my schedule or get to order my own food is when it's really difficult to do well.

This is my third day of travel this week and I've done pretty well so far.  Sorry, I haven't had the nerve to whip out my camera in a restaurant to photograph my plate yet, but I will.  Tonight I'm at a Kimpton Hotel and just discovered their Travel Healthy program.  It's a series of videos on the TV hosted by Joy Bauer with in room workouts, suggested menus for dining out, and helpful tips.  There is also an in-room dining menu that has fiber, fat, protein and carbohydrates listed on four menu selections per meal time- this is so awesome!  Alas I did not discover this until I had returned to my room after ordering sushi takeout.  But that's OK, I'll save it for next time.

When I travel I try to eat as much seafood as I can.  It's high in protein, low in fat, and something I don't cook that often at home.  For lunch I had a gorgeous piece of grilled salmon served with brussel sprouts, mushrooms and sweet potatoes (menu had all dietary calculations listed.)  It was delicious, and good for me- I never eat enough salmon.

Tonight I ordered a Shrimp Spring Roll and a Rock and Roll Sushi roll with three piece nigiri of ahi, salmon, and mackerel. 

The spring roll had a generous portion of avocado, so I estimated it to be 5 points, and the sushi I am counting 4 points.  It includes a serving of vegetables, a serving of healthy oil (avocado) and l lean protein.  I also bought a container of organic strawberries in case I wanted something sweet later on, and another serving of fruit.  I used low sodium soy sauce, and earned activity points walking around to get it.

Now I'm starting an in room movie and relaxing.  Enjoy your night!

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